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Global Canvas & Art is a company established in 2020, with a mission of providing high quality reproduction art at an affordable price. To us, owning art doesn't have to be expensive. You can be versatile in choosing canvas paintings that you love and getting it framed locally, or having the choice of getting a frame kit and saving money by doing it yourself.

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Abstract art is the perfect blend of colors and strokes for your living space. It consists of a mix of emotions whether it bee happy or sad, angry or joyful. Abstract art is one of a kind, in that every time you take a look at your piece of artwork, you tend to see something new; perhaps a new color, new shape, or new figure all together.



Even through times change, contemporary art is timeless. Our Contemporary art collection is perfect for any living space, and features minimalistic, and contemporary-abstract styles. These pieces leave it up to the interpretation of the viewer, however they would like to perceive it. 


Modern Wall Fixtures

The key to creating a contemporary and modern space is having the right light fixtures for your home and office. Adding fixtures to your living space brightens the atmosphere and adds your own personal touch!

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Modern Copper LED Wall Lamp

Modern Copper LED Wall Lamp

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